Rule 8: Documentary Evidence


  1.                      A claim that goods shall be accepted as eligible for Community tariff treatment shall be supported by appropriate documentary evidence or origin and consignment. The evidence of origin shall consist of a certificate given by a Governmental authority or authorised body nominated by the exporting Member State and notified to the other Member States together with a declaration completed by the exporter of the goods.
  1.                      The governmental authority or the authorised body shall obtain a declaration as to the origin of the goods given by the last producer of the goods within the Community. The authority or body shall satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the evidence provided; where necessary they shall require the production of additional information, and shall carry out any suitable check.  If the authorities of the importing Member State so require, a confidential indication of the producer of the goods shall be given.
  1.                      Nominations of authorised bodies for the purpose of this Rule may be withdrawn by the exporting Member State if the need arises. Each Member State shall retain, in regard to its imports, the right of refusing to accept certificates from any authorised body which is shown to have repeatedly issued certificates in an improper manner, but such action shall not be taken without adequate prior notification to the exporting Member State of the grounds for dissatisfaction.
  1.                      In cases where the Member States concerned recognise that it is impracticable for the producer to make the declaration of origin specified in paragraph 2 of this Rule, the exporter may make that declaration in such form as those Member States may for the purpose specify.
  1.                      The certificate and declaration provided for in this Rule shall be in the form prescribed by COTED from time to time.
  1.                      COTED may decide that further or different provisions concerning evidence of origin or of consignment shall apply to particular categories of goods or classes or transactions.