Rule 10: Application of the Safeguard Mechanism

  1.                      The information required pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 84 shall be rendered in writing and shall be such as the Competent Authority may require.
  1.                      For the purposes of carrying out his investigations, the Secretary-General may seek such additional information as he considers to be relevant. Replies to the enquiries by the Secretary-General should be sent by telex, telefax or other similar means of communication.
  1.                      The Competent Authority shall ensure that no more extraregional materials are used in production for purposes of Common Market treatment than are authorised by the Secretary-General. The Competent Authority shall make available to the Governmental authority or authorised body nominated for his State under paragraph 1 of Rule 8 such information as may be necessary for this purpose.
  1.                      The Member States agree to cooperate fully with the Secretary-General in the foregoing provisions of this Rule.