Article 51: Objectives of the Community Industrial Policy

  1.         The goal of the Community Industrial Policy shall be market-led, internationally competitive and sustainable production of goods and services for the promotion of the Region’s economic and social development.
  1.         In fulfilment of the goal set out in paragraph 1 of this Article, the Community shall pursue the following objectives:

(a)     cross-border employment of natural resources, human resources, capital, technology and management capabilities for the production of goods and services on a sustainable basis;

(b)        linkages among economic sectors and enterprises within and among the Member States of the CSME;

(c)    promotion of regional economic enterprises capable of achieving scales of production to facilitate successful competition in domestic and extra-regional markets;

(d)    establishment of a viable micro and small economic enterprise sector;

(e)   enhanced and diversified production of goods and services for both export and domestic markets;

(f)    sustained public and private sector collaboration in order to secure market- led production of goods and services;

(g)  enhanced industrial production on an environmentally sustainable basis;

(h) balanced economic and social development in the CSME bearing in mind the special needs of disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors within the meaning of Article I; and

(i)      stable industrial relations.