Article 185: Protection of Consumer Interests in the Community

The Member States shall enact harmonised legislation to provide, inter alia:

(a) for the fundamental terms of a contract and the implied obligations of parties to a contract for the supply of goods or services;

(b) for the prohibition of the inclusion of unconscionable terms in contracts for the sale and supply of goods or services to consumers;

(c) for the prohibition of unfair trading practices, particularly such practices relating to misleading or deceptive or fraudulent conduct;

(d) for the prohibition of production and supply of harmful and defective goods and for the adoption of measures to prevent the supply or sale of such goods including measures requiring the removal  of defective goods from the market;

(e) that  the  provision  of  services  is  in  compliance  with  the  applicable regulations, standards, codes and licensing requirements;

(f) that goods supplied to consumers are labelled in accordance with standards and specifications prescribed by the competent authorities;

(g) that hazardous or other goods whose distribution and consumption are regulated by  law are  sold or  supplied in  accordance with applicable regulations;

(h) that goods or materials, the production or use of which is likely to result in potentially harmful environmental effects, are labelled and supplied in accordance with applicable standards and regulations;

(i) that producers and suppliers are liable for defects in goods and for violation of product standards and consumer safety standards which occasion loss or damage to consumers;

(j) that violations of consumer safety standards by producers or suppliers are appropriately sanctioned and relevant civil or criminal defences to such violations are available to defendants.