Article 143: Objective of the Regimes

  1.         The objective of the regimes mentioned in Article 142 is to assist the disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors towards becoming economically viable and competitive by appropriate interventions of a transitional or temporary nature.
  1.         The interventions referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article may include:

(a) technical and financial assistance to address economic dislocation arising from the operation of the CSME;

(b)        special measures to attract investment and industries;

(c) transitional or temporary arrangements to ameliorate or arrest adverse economic and social impact arising from the operation of the CSME;

(d)        special measures to assist industries to become efficient and competitive;

(e)        assistance intended to achieve structural diversification and infrastructural development;

(f) assistance to economic enterprises disadvantaged by the removal of intraregional barriers;

(g) the establishment of mechanisms to monitor, and assist in the discharge of, obligations assumed under the Treaty and other international trade agreements.