Article 142: Scope of Application


  1.         The provisions of this Chapter shall have effect for the purpose of establishing a regime for disadvantaged countries, regions or sectors within the framework of the Treaty as well as a special regime for the Less Developed Countries in order to enhance their prospects for successful competition within the Community, and redress, to the extent possible, any negative impact of the establishment of the CSME.
  1.         As soon as practicable after the entry into force of this Treaty, the Conference shall, on the recommendation of the Community Council  and in accordance with Article 1, designate disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors and may, from time to time, make such further designations or terminate such designations as circumstances warrant.
  1.         Wherever in this Treaty reference is made to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors or to the Less Developed Countries, the Organs of the Community shall take the measures required to give effect to the spirit and intent of this Chapter.