Article 135: Implementation of Community Transport Policy

  1.         In order to achieve the objectives of the Community Transport Policy, COTED shall, in collaboration with other Organs of the Community as appropriate, promote, inter alia:

(a)        co-ordination of the national transport policies of the Member States;

(b) the implementation of uniform regulations and procedures, consistent with standards and recommended practices, for the development of an efficient multi-modal transport system, particularly in respect of operations, safety, licensing and certification;

(c) the development of required institutional, legal, technical, financial and administrative support for the balanced, sustainable development of the transport sector;

(d)        the establishment of measures:

(i) to ensure that the development of the transport sector does not impact adversely on the environment of the Member States and, in particular, the Caribbean Sea;

(ii)        for the acquisition and transfer of technology in the transport sector; and

(iii)        for human resources development in accordance with Article 63;

(e)        investment in the transport sector, including ancillary services supportive of the sector through, for example, joint ventures;

(f) the removal of obstacles to the provision of transport services by nationals of the Member States in accordance with the relevant provisions of Chapter Three.

  1.         COTED shall develop programmes to facilitate the achievement of the objectives set out in Article 134.
  1.         The Member States shall co-ordinate their actions in order to secure the best terms and conditions for the provision of transport services by service providers.