Article 114: Investigation by COTED of Subsidies Causing Serious Adverse Effects

  1.         The referral of the matter to COTED for an investigation shall not prevent the aggrieved Member State from imposing on a provisional basis not sooner than 60 days from the date of initiation of the preliminary investigation referred to in Article 106, countermeasures to forestall or prevent further adverse effects.
  1.         If COTED is satisfied that the investigation requested is justified, COTED shall carry out the investigation, make a determination and issue a report within 120 days from the date when the request was referred.
  1.         Where the results of the investigation carried out by COTED demonstrate that the subsidised imports caused serious adverse effects to the domestic industry of the aggrieved Member State requesting the investigation, COTED shall recommend that the offending Member State modify the programme of subsidies in such a way as to remove the adverse effects complained of.