Article 113: Request for Consultations Relating to Subsidies Causing Serious Adverse Effects

  1.         Whenever a Member State has reason to believe that imports from another Member State benefited from subsidies within the meaning of Article 111 and such imports have resulted in serious adverse effects to a domestic industry so as to cause damage which would be difficult to repair, the Member State aggrieved may request consultations with the Member State granting or maintaining the subsidy.
  1.         The Member State alleged to be granting the subsidy which caused adverse effects shall reply within 10 days of the date of the request for consultations and shall enter into the consultations requested by the aggrieved Member State. If there is no mutual agreement within 60 days of the date of the request for such consultations or on a later date which was mutually agreed or if the Member State refuses to co-operate, the aggrieved Member State may refer the matter to COTED and request COTED to carry out an investigation.