Article 100: Preliminary Investigation of Prohibited Subsidies

  1.         An application for an investigation may be made in writing by or on behalf of a domestic industry to the competent authority where the industry has reason to believe that a prohibited subsidy referred to in Article 99 has been granted or maintained by another Member State. The authority shall examine the application and determine, on the basis of the facts available, whether to initiate an investigation.
  2.         An investigation initiated pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article shall be deemed to be a preliminary investigation. The authority shall give public notice of the preliminary investigation to inform the concerned Member State, other Member States and the interested parties all of whom shall be afforded adequate time to submit information required and to make comments.
  1.         The authority shall make a preliminary determination whether a prohibited subsidy has been granted or maintained and, where the determination is affirmative, invite the concerned Member States and interested parties to defend their interests.
  1.         A request for investigation by the domestic industry under this Article or under Article 106 or 112 shall be accompanied by information set out in the Illustrative List at Annex 111(a).
  1.         Wherever the term “domestic industry” is used in this Chapter, it shall mean domestic industry as defined in Annex I.