Article 55: Sustainable Tourism Development


  1.         The Community shall, in collaboration with competent international organisations, formulate proposals for sustainable tourism development.  These proposals shall recognise the importance of the tourism sub-sector to the economic development of the Region, and the need to conserve its cultural and natural resources and to maintain a balance between a healthy ecology and economic development.
  2. The programme for sustainable tourism development shall have the following objectives:
    (a) an enhanced image for the Region as a tourist destination;
    (b) a diversified tourism product of a consistently high quality
    (c) an expanded market-base;
    (d)  education programmes designed to ensure that appropriate practices are pursued by service-providers; 
    (e) linkages with other sectors in the economy;
    (f)  conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Region through proper management; and
    (g) appropriate  infrastructure  and  other  services  in  support  of  tourism, considering the natural and social carrying-capacity of the Member States