Article 90: Internal Taxes and Other Fiscal Charges

  1.         Save as otherwise provided in this Treaty, Member States shall not:

(a) apply directly or indirectly to imported goods of Community origin any fiscal charges in excess of those applied directly or indirectly to like domestic goods, or otherwise apply such charges so as to protect like domestic goods; or

(b) apply fiscal charges to imported goods of Community origin of a kind which they do not produce, or which they do not produce in substantial quantities, in such a way as to protect the domestic production of substitutes which enter into direct competition with them and which do not bear, directly or indirectly, in the country of importation, fiscal charges of equivalent incidence.

  1.         A Member State shall notify COTED of all fiscal charges applied by it where, although the rates of charge, or the conditions governing the imposition or collection of the charge, are not identical in relation to the imported goods and to the like domestic goods, the Member State applying the charge considers that the charge is, or has been made, consistently with sub-paragraph (a) of paragraph 1 of this Article. A Member State shall, at the request of any other Member State, supply information about the application of paragraph I of this Article.
  1.         For the purposes of this Article `fiscal charges’ means internal taxes and other internal charges with equivalent effect on goods.