Article 86: Freedom of Transit

  1.         The Member States shall grant freedom of transit within the Community with respect to goods and vessels and other vehicles transporting those goods.
  1.         For the purpose of paragraph 1 of this Article, transit means the passage of goods and of vessels and aircraft and vehicles transporting those goods:

(a)         through or across the frontier of a Member State;

(b) with or without transhipment, warehousing, breaking bulk or change of mode of transport, where the passage is only a portion of a journey beginning and terminating beyond its frontier.

  1. In granting freedom of transit within the meaning of paragraph 2, the Member States:
    (a) shall ensure that there are no unnecessary delays or restrictions and that goods, vessels, aircraft and vehicles transporting those goods are subject only to charges for transport, handling, and other services rendered;

(b) shall  not  discriminate based  on  the  flag  of  vessels,  place  of  origin, departure, entry, exit or destination or any circumstance relating to the ownership of goods, vessels, or aircraft or vehicles;

(c) shall, with respect to regulations, formalities, fees and other service charges in connection with the transit, ensure that treatment extended to any Member State is on terms no less favourable than those extended to all other Member States.