Article 83: Operation of the Common External Tariff

  1.         Any alteration or suspension of the Common External Tariff on any item shall be decided by COTED.
  1.         Where:

(a)        a product is not being produced in the Community;

(b)      the quantity of the product being produced in the Community does not satisfy the demand of the Community; or

(c)     the quality of the product being produced in the Community is below the Community standard or a standard the use of which is authorised by COTED, COTED may decide to authorise the reduction or suspension of the Common External  Tariff in respect of imports of that product subject to such terms and conditions as it may decide, provided that in no case shall the product imported from third States be accorded more favourable treatment than similar products produced in the Member States.

  1.         The authority referred to in paragraph 2 to suspend the Common External Tariff may be exercised by the Secretary-General on behalf of COTED during any period between meetings of COTED.  Any exercise of such authority by the Secretary-General shall be reported to the next meeting of COTED.
  1.         Each Member State shall, for the purpose of administering the Common External Tariff, appoint a competent authority which shall be notified to COTED.
  1.         COTED shall continuously review the Common External Tariff, in whole or in part, to assess its impact on production and trade, as well as to secure its uniform implementation throughout the Community, in particular, by reducing the need for discretionary application in the day to day administration of the Tariff.