Article 73: Industrial Relations

COHSOD shall, in  consultation with COTED, formulate proposals and adopt appropriate measures for the promotion of harmonious, stable and enlightened industrial relations in the Community. In formulating such measures and proposals, COHSOD shall, inter alia, promote:

(a) the objectives of full employment, improved living and working conditions; adequate social security policies and programmes; tripartite consultations among governments, workers’ and employers’ organisations; and cross- border mobility of labour;

(b)        recognition  of  the  principle  of  non-discriminatory  treatment  among Community workers in the pursuit of employment within the Community;

(c) the  establishment and  maintenance of  effective  mechanisms for  the enhancement of industrial relations, particularly that of collective bargaining; and

(d) awareness among Community workers and employers that international competitiveness is essential for social and economic development of Member States and requires collaboration of employers and workers for increased production and productivity in Community enterprises.