Article 69: Harmonisation of Investment Incentives

  1.         The Member States shall harmonise national incentives to investments in the industrial, agricultural and services sectors.
  1.         COFAP  shall,  consistently  with  relevant  international  agreements,  formulate proposals for the establishment of regimes for the granting of incentives to enterprises in the sectors mentioned in paragraph 1. In particular, such proposals shall accord support for industries considered to be of strategic interest to the Community.
  1.         In formulating the proposals mentioned in paragraph 2, COFAP shall give due consideration to the peculiarities of the industries concerned and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, may provide for the following:

(a) national incentives to investment designed to promote sustainable, export- led industrial and service-oriented development;

(b)        investment facilitation through the removal of bureaucratic impediments; and

(c)        non-discrimination in the granting of incentives among Community nationals.