Article 66: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

COTED shall promote the protection of intellectual property rights within the Community by, inter alia:

(a) the strengthening of regimes for the protection of intellectual property rights and the simplification of registration procedures in the Member States;

(b) the establishment of a regional administration for intellectual property rights except copyright;

(c) the identification and establishment, by the Member States of mechanisms to ensure:

(i)        the use of protected works for the enhanced benefit of the Member States;

(ii)       the preservation of indigenous Caribbean culture; and

(iii)        the legal protection of the expressions of folklore, other traditional knowledge  and  national  heritage,  particularly  of  indigenous populations in the Community;

(d) increased dissemination and use of patent documentation as a source of technological information;

(e)        public education;

(f) measures to prevent the abuse of intellectual property rights by rights- holders or the resort to practices which unreasonably restrain trade or adversely affect the international transfer of technology; and

(g) participation by the Member States in international regimes for the protection of intellectual property rights.