Article 64: Research and Development


  1.        COTED shall promote market-led research, technological development and adaptation of technology in the Community in order to support the production, on a sustainable basis, of goods and services in the Member States with a view to diversifying such production and enhancing its international competitiveness.
  1.         In the discharge of its mandate set out in paragraph 1 of this Article, COTED shall adopt measures to encourage, inter alia, inventions and innovation, and acquisition, transfer, assimilation, adaptation and diffusion of technologies in the Community.  Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, COTED shall:

(a) encourage public and private sector agencies, research establishments and tertiary institutions in their research and technological development activities and assist in identifying sources of funding for such activities;

(b) promote co-operation in research and technological development among the Member States and with third States and competent international organisations;

(c) facilitate co-operation:

(i) in training;

(ii) in the exchange of scientific and technical information among competent institutions;

(iii)  in the free movement of researchers in the Community;

(iv) among private sector enterprises to integrate the results of research and development in the production process;

(d) develop and implement technological policies and strategies, having due regard for the importance of technology management and protection of intellectual property rights;

(e) facilitate access by Community nationals to technological and research facilities of Member States; and

(f)         promote the development of technology extension services.

  1.         In particular, COTED shall promote and encourage research and development, and the adaptation, diffusion and transfer of appropriate technologies in order to achieve increased agricultural production and productivity, bearing in mind the need to protect the independence and human rights of the farming community.
  1.         COTED shall, in collaboration with competent public and private sector research and development institutions, encourage and assist Member States:

(a) to facilitate access to and use of new and appropriate technologies in the agricultural sector;

(b)        to develop:

(i) efficient systems for the generation and transfer of ppropriate technologies; and

(ii) technological and institutional capabilities in the public and private sectors, compatible with competitive and sustainable agricultural production.

  1.         In the pursuit of its functions under this Article, COTED shall encourage the private sector to play a vital role in:

(a) the development, adaptation and transfer of appropriate technologies in the agricultural sector; and

(b) the development of producer associations as a basis for autonomous action and intra-regional transfer of technologies and research findings.

  1.         COTED shall co-operate with the Member States and competent organisations to devise means of protecting, developing and commercialising local knowledge about the value and use of the Region’s biodiversity for the benefit of their populations, especially their indigenous peoples.