Article 37: Removal of Restrictions on Provision of Services


  1. Subject to the provisions of this Treaty, Member States shall abolish discriminatory restrictions on the provision of services within the Community in respect of Community nationals.
  1. Subject to the approval of the Conference, COTED, in consultation with other competent Organs, shall,   within one year from the entry into force of this Treaty, establish a programme for the removal of restrictions on the provision of such services in the Community by Community nationals.
  1. In establishing the programme mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article, COTED shall:
    (a) accord priority to services which directly affect production costs or facilitate the trade in goods and services which generate foreign exchange earnings;

(b)        require  the  Member  States  to  remove  administrative  practices  and procedures, the maintenance of which impede the exercise of the right to provide services;

(c)        establish measures to ensure the abolition of restrictions on the right to provide services in  respect of  activities accorded priority treatment in accordance with sub-paragraph (a) of this paragraph, both in terms of conditions for the provision of services in the territories of Member States as well as the conditions governing the entry of personnel, including their spouses and immediate dependent family members, for the provision of services;

(d)        take appropriate measures to ensure close collaboration among competent national authorities in order to improve their knowledge of the conditions regarding relevant activities within the Community, and

(e)        require the Member States to ensure that nationals of one Member State have on a non-discriminatory basis, access to land, buildings and other property situated in the territory of another Member State for purposes directly related to the provision of services, bearing in mind the importance of agriculture for many national economies.