Article 207: Rules of Procedure of Arbitral Tribunal

  1.         Subject to the relevant provisions of this Chapter, the arbitral tribunal shall establish its own rules of procedure.
  1.         The procedures shall assure a right to at least one hearing before the arbitral tribunal as well as the opportunity to provide initial and rebuttal written submissions.
  1.         The arbitral tribunal’s hearings, deliberations and initial report, and all written submissions to and communications with the arbitral tribunal, shall be confidential.
  1.         The arbitral tribunal may invite any Member State to submit views orally or in writing.

5          The award of the arbitral tribunal shall be confined to the subject matter of the dispute and shall state the reasons on which it is based.

  1.         Where the parties cannot agree on the interpretation or implementation of the award, either party may apply to the arbitral tribunal for a ruling within thirty days of the award. The term of the arbitral tribunal shall come to an end unless an application for a ruling has been received, in which case it shall continue for such reasonable time, not exceeding thirty days, as may be required to make the ruling.
  1.         Decisions of the arbitral tribunal shall be taken by a majority vote of its members and shall be final and binding on the Member States parties to the dispute.