Article 196: Establishment of a List of Conciliators

  1.         A List of Conciliators shall be established and maintained by the Secretary-General. Every Member State shall be entitled to nominate two conciliators, each of whom shall be a person enjoying the highest reputation for fairness, competence and integrity. The names of the persons so nominated shall constitute the List. If at any time the number of conciliators nominated by a Member State is less than two, the Member State concerned shall be entitled to make such nominations as are necessary.  The name of a conciliator shall remain on the List until withdrawn by the Member State which made the nomination and where a conciliator has been appointed to serve on any mediation or conciliation commission, the conciliator shall continue to serve on such commission until the completion of the relevant proceedings.
  1.         The term of a conciliator, including that of a conciliator appointed to fill a vacancy, shall be five (5) years and may be renewed.