Article 188: Modes of Dispute Settlement

  1.         Subject to the provisions of this Treaty, the disputes mentioned in Article 187 shall be settled only by recourse to any one of the following modes for the settlement of disputes, namely, good offices, mediation, consultations, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication.
  1.         Where a dispute has not been settled following the adoption of one of the modes referred to in paragraph 1 other than arbitration or adjudication, either party may have recourse to another mode.
  1.         Subject to the procedural rules applicable in respect of arbitration or adjudication, the parties may agree, pending a settlement, to have recourse to good offices, mediation or conciliation in order to arrive at a settlement.
  1.           Without prejudice to the exclusive and compulsory jurisdiction of the Court in the interpretation and application of this Treaty under Article 211, the parties may use any of the voluntary modes of dispute settlement provided for in this Article in the settlement of a dispute.