Article 157: Technical and Financial Assistance

  1.         As soon as practicable after the entry into force of this Treaty, the Community Council shall, in collaboration with other competent Organs of the Community, make adequate arrangements to extend to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors such technical and financial assistance as may be required to allow them to participate effectively in the CSME and to administer international trade agreements.
  1.         Pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article, COTED shall evaluate the need for technical and financial assistance to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors, and promote and facilitate appropriate programmes and projects. Such assistance may include:

(a)        grants or access to low-cost financing;

(b)        preparation of project proposals for financing;

(c)        performance guarantees and other guarantees to enterprises;

(d)        accessing technology including information technology;

(e)        product design or quality enhancement;

(f)         factory design and market development.

  1. Technical assistance within the meaning of this Article may also include:
    (a) assistance to establish or upgrade national standardising bodies;

(b)        assistance to countries to advance their diversification programmes;

(c)        professional  assistance  in   meeting  obligations  under trade-related agreements;

(d) assistance to establish institutions or centres for the training or retraining of employees as the case may require;

(e) provision of  relevant expertise to  formulate a  legal policy  framework conducive to fair trading and fair competition;

(f) professional  expertise  in  espousing  and  defending  claims  arising  in connection with the WTO Agreement and other trade-related agreements;

(g) professional assistance in preparing for  disputes resolution arising in connection with trade-related agreements;

(h)        professional assistance in preparing legislation.

  1.         The evaluation mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article may be undertaken by COTED on its own initiative, or in response to an application for assistance issuing from a Member State.
  1.        COTED shall, from time to time, examine the impact of the measures mentioned in paragraph 2 with a view to determining their adequacy and establishing a time-frame for their discontinuance.