Article 149: Measures Relating to the Right of Establishment

  1.         COTED  shall  take  appropriate measures  to  ensure  that,  in  establishing the programme for the removal of restrictions by the Member States on the right of establishment in the Community mentioned in paragraph 3 of Article 33, the peculiar economic vulnerability of disadvantaged countries in the Community is taken into account, bearing in mind Article 49.
  1.         Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article, COTED shall, in establishing the said programme, determine in respect of disadvantaged countries:

(a) a list of economic activities in respect of which national treatment may not be accorded to persons exercising the right of establishment for a specified period of time;

(b) the manner in which restrictions on the right of establishment in respect of economic activities not mentioned in sub-paragraph

(a) of this paragraph shall be removed:

Provided that such disadvantaged countries shall accord to the Member States rights of establishment no more restrictive than those accorded to third States.