Article 146: Measures to Redress Disadvantage Arising from Economic Dislocation

  1.         The Member States agree that where economic dislocation arising from the operation of the CSME occurs, and notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in this Treaty, COTED may, as the case may require on a temporary basis and subject to Article 144, adopt effective measures to arrest or mitigate adverse effects on economic activity. Such measures may include the grant of incentives to address the dislocation and shall be without prejudice to any incentives provided for in Articles 52 and 69.
  1.         Notwithstanding any  provisions to  the  contrary in  this  Treaty,  the  measures mentioned in this Article may, where necessary, provide for temporary derogations from rights and obligations set out in the Treaty.
  1.         COTED shall periodically examine the impact of the measures mentioned in paragraph 2 with a view to determining their adequacy and establishing a time-frame for their discontinuance.
  1.         The Member States shall co-operate with the Community Organs in implementing the measures mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article and shall take the action required to secure compliance therewith.