Article 140: Development of Maritime Transport Services

  1.         The Member States shall co-operate in the development of maritime transport services in the Community. In particular, the Member States shall co-operate in:

(a)        enhancing flag and port State control activities in the Region;

(b) developing and providing expertise in the shipping industry, including the necessary services and infrastructure necessary for the growth of the shipping sector;

(c) protecting the marine environment from the effects of vessel source pollution and in combating the effects of such pollution; and

(d) taking any other action necessary for the sustainable development of the shipping sector.

  1.         The Community shall co-operate with competent national, regional and international organisations in establishing conditions for the provision of efficient and affordable maritime transport services among the Member States.
  1.         COTED shall promote co-operation among the Member States in the implementation of relevant international maritime instruments relating to maritime safety, marine environmental protection, maritime accident investigation and the facilitation of maritime traffic.
  1.         COTED shall promote and co-ordinate the development of maritime transport services in the Community through, inter alia:

(a) the development of proposals for the establishment and upgrade of small vessel enterprises in the Community;

(b) the establishment of a regime of incentives to encourage the development of shipping enterprises in the Community;

(c) measures for the establishment, improvement and rationalisation of port facilities in the Community, to respond to the demands of containerisation, refrigeration and storage of agricultural commodities, nautical and cruise tourism and other special and dedicated services;

(d) co-operation and regular interchange among administrations to promote a harmonised system for the development of  maritime transport in  the Community;

(e) promotion of joint ventures among Community nationals and with extra- regional shipping enterprises to facilitate the transfer of appropriate technology and increase the participation of the Member States in international shipping;

(f) the organization and harmonisation of training programmes within the Community, the strengthening of the capabilities of training institutions and the ease of access of Community nationals to all aspects of training and development in the shipping industry; and

(g) measures for the development of ancillary services in the shipping industry, including non-vessel operating common carriers, marine insurance, freight forwarding, transshipment and other services.

  1.         The Member States shall promote the development of maritime transport services in the Community through, inter alia:

(a)        the establishment and improvement of port facilities;

(b) the establishment of effective maritime administrations for the regulation of shipping in the respective jurisdictions of maritime safety and marine environmental protection;

(c) the implementation of relevant international maritime instruments related to the safety of shipping and the prevention of vessel source pollution; and

(d) encouraging improved efficiency in ports and in related services to reduce maritime transportation costs.