Article 138: Development of Air Transport Services

  1.         The Member States shall co-operate in:

(a) the development of air transport services in the Community and towards this end may conclude among themselves air transport agreements designed to facilitate the provision of such services;

(b) establishing measures to ensure that the provision of international air transport services in the Community is undertaken by financially viable and technically qualified carriers and operators, and that the Community interest in safety, security and economy of air travel is not prejudiced.

  1.         COTED shall promote co-operation among the Member States in the registration of aircraft and the enforcement of applicable standards in the air transport industry.
  1.         The  Member States shall  co-operate in  ensuring uniformity in  licensing and certification procedures and equivalencies within the Community for aviation personnel in conformity with international standards.
  1.         COTED shall promote co-operation among operators of air transport services of the Member States particularly in purchasing of equipment and supplies, the management of inventories, interline and inter-modal operations, code sharing, reservations, insurance, leasing and similar operations.