Article 129: Initiation of Preliminary Investigations

  1.         If a domestic industry in a Member State has reason to believe that it is being injured or faces the threat of injury as a result of dumped imports, an application may be submitted in writing by the industry or on its behalf by an association representing the industry or by employees employed by the producers of the like product to the competent authority to initiate an investigation in order to verify the existence of dumped imports and injury caused or the existence of a serious threat of injury as the case may be.
  1.         The application shall be considered to have been made by or on behalf of the domestic industry if it is supported by those domestic producers whose collective output constitutes more than 50 per cent of the total production of the like product produced by that portion of the domestic industry expressing either support for  or  opposition to  the  request.   However, no investigation shall be initiated when domestic producers expressly supporting the request account for less than 25 per cent of total production of the like product produced by the domestic industry.
  1.         The authority shall examine the application and determine if an investigation is justified and if it is satisfied, it shall issue a public notice to that effect and request the concerned Member State, other interested Member States and the interested parties, all of which may be requested to and shall be afforded an opportunity to provide required information and comments.
  1.         A decision by the authority to initiate an investigation shall be considered a decision to initiate a preliminary investigation, the results of which shall be made available by a public notice.
  1.         Where a preliminary investigation provides sufficient evidence that dumped imports have entered into the commerce of the Member State and such imports seriously threaten or have injured a domestic industry, it may submit to the competent authority of the exporting Member State a request for consultations which shall be notified to COTED.
  1.         The purpose of the request for consultations shall be to establish whether imports have been dumped and injury has been caused or there is a serious threat of injury and if the injury or the serious threat thereof is directly the result of dumped imports.
  1.         Interested parties who have been requested to provide information shall be allowed 30 days from the date of submission of the application by or on behalf of a domestic industry under paragraph 2 to reply unless the authorities concerned agree to a later date.
  1.         For the purpose of this Part, “interested parties” shall include:

(a) an exporter or foreign producer or the importer of a product subject to investigation, or a trade or business association, a majority of the members of which are producers, exporters or importers of such product;

(b)        the government of the exporting Member State; and

(c) a producer of the like product in the importing Member State or a trade and business association, a majority of the members of which produce the like product in the territory of the importing Member State.

  1.         A request for investigations to be undertaken by the competent authority of a Member State or by COTED shall include but shall not necessarily be limited to the information indicated in the Illustrative List set out in Annex III(b). If, however, an aggrieved Member State is satisfied that the offending party had not made satisfactory efforts to afford consultations, to provide requested information or otherwise unreasonably impede an investigation which has been initiated , the competent authority of the Member State aggrieved may impose on a provisional basis anti-dumping measures and may refer the request for investigation to COTED. A public notice of the imposition of provisional anti-dumping measures shall be issued by the Member State which has imposed such measures.