Article 117: Definition

  1.         For the purpose of this Part, an agricultural subsidy means any form of domestic support, financial or otherwise, including revenue foregone, provided by government or any public agency in favour of the producers of a specific agricultural product or to the agricultural sector as a whole. This includes:

(a)        assistance  provided  by  government  or  any  public  agency  to foster agricultural and rural development or to assist low income producers or producers with deficient resources;

(b) financial concessions granted by government or a public agency to offset the cost of agricultural inputs or to encourage investments in agriculture;

(c) any other financial concession which has the effect of providing price or income support to producers of agricultural products which is administered either through direct payments to the producers or processors of an agricultural product or indirectly through government or other publicly funded programmes;

(d)        payments in kind to agricultural producers.

  1.         “Agricultural products” refers to the products listed in Annex IV.