Annex IV (Paragraph 2 of Article 117)

This Protocol shall cover the following products:


(i)       HS Chapters 1-24 less fish and fish products, forestry and forest products plus*;


(ii) HS Code 2905.43 (mannitol)
HS Code 2905.44 (sorbitol)
HS Heading 33.01 (essential oils)
HS Headings 35.01 to 35.05 (albuminoidal
modified starches, glues)
HS Code 3809.10 (fishing agents)
HS Code 3823.60 (sorbitol n.e.p.)
HS Headings 41.01 to 41.03 (hides and skins)
HS Headings 43.01 (raw furskins)
HS Headings 50.01 to 50.03 (raw silk and silk waste)
HS Headings 51.01 to 51.03 (wool and animal hair)
HS Headings 52.01 to 52.03 (raw cotton, waste and cotton carded or
HS Heading 53.01 (raw flax)
HS Heading 53.02 (raw hemp)


* The product descriptions in round brackets are not necessarily exhaustive.